It can’t be that boring…

I am referring to several things with this title!

I have spent a long time today searching blogs for ideas about VELS, however I find myself constantly following other links and ideas on various blogs. Why is this? One reason I think is that a lot of education blogs are focussed on using technology, and VELS is the ‘boring’ curriculum writing stuff you have to do but don’t really feel like sharing with others. I think I will get a lot more useful ideas and information from actually talking in person to teachers, either on rounds or in other forums. Because of this, I have to say that this part of my plan was not very successful. I was successful however in finding lots of great posts and blogs on using technology in education, so my time was not wasted!!

Something else I found today leads to my other point. Its easy to think that a blog is pointless if no-one is reading it or commenting. But as Langwitches writes, WHO do YOU write for? I’m not boring just because no-one comments. I completely agree with her ideas, which I would sum up as – I write for myself, to record my reflection and learning, but I do it in a public way so that I can share with other educators and we all benefit. As a new blogger I think this is one mantra I will be sticking to!! I am glad that a uni assignment gave me the momentum to get started.

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